September 2023


Welcome to SOS – Save Our Slattocks

Hello to all residents of Slattocks, Stakehill, Chesham Estate, Whitegates Road – in fact all those living between and adjacent to the motorway at Trows and Boarshaw Lane.  We have now formed SOS – Save Our Slattocks,  a community action group to push forward the ‘Save The Greenbelt’ agenda for the area.

To help keep residents informed the website has been revitalised and dedicated to the task.

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework [GMSF]

It was in December 2016 when news filtered through to local residents about the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s [GMCA] publication: the draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework [GMSF], only a few weeks before the consultation period was due to finish.  That deadline has now passed but it’s only the start of the campaign to halt unnecessary Greenbelt development on our doorstep.

Planners will look at our comments and its expected that the next version of the GMSF will be published in Summer 2018 with another consultation which you can input into.

What’s happening in the meantime?


In January 2017 SOS : Save Our Slattocks elected a Steering Group to take Greenbelt issues forward on behalf of local residents.

Currently the Steering Group consists of Gordon Tilstone as Chairperson; Joanne Buckley as Secretary, and Andy & Karen Williams as Joint Treasurers.

Assisting them are a number residents who are developing the website and keeping a close eye on planning applications in the area.

The Steering Group has organised a number of events in 2017 to help raise awareness and funds towards publicity costs and thus make sure our ‘Save The Greenbelt’ message to the planners is not lost. These events have also brought residents together to form a real community spirit.


Information Exchange

We have close links with other Greenbelt groups in Rochdale and neighbouring Boroughs, so that experience and skills can be shared.  Keeping in touch with these other local groups will help ensure none of us feel alone in our campaign.

We are also members of Save Greater Manchester’s Greenbelt Group [SGMGB] which acts as a focal point for some 39 local groups across Greater Manchester.