Save Our Slattocks




September 2023

What do we stand for?

Well, we’re not against development for the sake of it, let’s be clear about that from the start.
We agree that people need places to live in.
What we believe is that development needs to be appropriate.
By that we’re saying that in Rochdale Borough there are so called brownfield sites that desperately need redeveloping before the Council considers using Greenbelt land and greenspaces – the lungs of the area.
Rochdale’s town centre is an example of where planners should be looking harder for solutions. Whilst it has a new bus & Metrolink interchange and plans for a retail/leisure development on the site of the former Council offices [Black Box] and bus station, not far away it’s a different picture altogether.
Many of the shops along the Esplanade and on Drake Street are empty and look abandoned. Along with these is the old Odeon cinema/Focus DIY site at the junction of Oldham Road which has laid bare for some time.
If the Council had true vision and was bold, it would look seriously to reinvigorate these areas with much needed affordable housing.
This would then be, as has been suggested elsewhere, close to transport links so that residents can easily get to the jobs the Council says it will help create.
We’ve used Rochdale town centre as an example, but are sure that much the same can be said of Middleton, Heywood and the village centres throughout the Borough.
Join your local Save The Greenbelt campaign because ‘we have a once in a generation” chance to do the right thing, as Council Leader Richard Farnell has said.
Tell the planners to redevelop brownfield sites before they even think about covering the Greenbelt with concrete.
But at the same time, tell them you expect them create the infrastructure to go with these developments: hospitals; GP centres; and schools amongst others, otherwise things will only get worst.

Let’s make the whole of Rochdale Borough a place to be truly proud of and with a thriving, vibrant future.

Your help is always welcome

Whilst we are currently waiting for the next version of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework [GMSF] to be published, it’s important that we keep a close watch on proposed developments in the area.
If you hear any snippets of reliable information then please share them.
In order to do this whilst this website is being fully developed, please post on the local Facebook “Slattocks Telegraph”
Alternatively, you can email
If you don’t have a computer then drop a note into 47 Thornham Lane
All help is gratefully received and will help us Save Our Greenbelt.

Albert Square Rally 1st April

Save the Greenbelt groups from around the whole of the Greater Manchester area are meeting together for a peaceful rally on Saturday 1st April, at Albert Square in Manchester.   Everyone is welcome! Please attend if you can.