January 2019

Daily Archives: 01/16/2019

“Think Again” say local residents

And they’re not alone.

Ordinary residents across Greater Manchester are looking at the revised GMSF in disbelief.

Ten of thousands of people  looked the original plan and say ‘NO’. In particular large numbers said ‘Save The Greenbelt’.

“Andy Burnham said he’d rewrite the plan. Well he hasn’t, he’s tweeked it round the edges and put some gloss on it, Not a botch job, but it hardly looks like a tradesman has been near it – very back of a fag packet” said Barry.

“There is so little detail in this revised plan. How am I supposed to give proper responses/comments? And there’s a lot suggestions that ‘we will look to do….[a rail station]’.”

“Planners have had two years to rewrite the plan. Can they really only show us  a massive ‘allocated site’ and not say where the new infrastructure will be?”

“The roads are already in a bad state of repair, GP surgeries and local hospitals are struggling to cope. And what about school places for new families?”2


Yes the 850 or so properties in the Slattocks/Stakehill/Chesham Area are set to be engulfed by 900 new homes and a further 250,000 sq metres of industrial units.

With roads already clogged at peak times and motorway closures causing overnight noise and pollution, this extra development is likely to cause havoc.

Planners say they’ve thought about it and know their solutions will work. We don’t think they really have.

Whilst the move to non-polluting electric vehicles is said to inevitable that doesn’t lessen number of vehicles on the roads.

Yes, a number of people can and will walk, cycle and use public transport to get around.

But, some people rely on their cars, other use taxis as a matter of course.

“Public transport needs to be much more convenient and much, much cheaper than it is and I can’t that happening very soon” said Ian, a local resident.

Ian added “After an evening shift, they’re thinking I’ll walk or cycle back up from Middleton. I’m cream-crackered. There’s no public transport at that time,  I need my car.”

“Yes, I love my exercise but how long would take me on the bus? I can’t walk over the lanes to a ‘Latics game – and walk back to Slattocks? That goes beyond dedication” said John, a season ticket holder.