Welcome to SOS – Save Our Slattocks :  a community action group dedicated to pushing forward the Save The Greenbelt agenda for the area.

The green belt land of Slattocks, Stakehill and Thornham Fold is under a very real threat of being developed into housing and industrial estates.

The combined local authorities of Greater Manchester have produced a blueprint plan called the GMSF – the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.  The GMSF, amongst other things, identifies areas of land which have been highlighted as potential building sites for new housing and industrial units.  Many areas of green belt land in and around Greater Manchester are included in this plan, including most of the land in our very own Slattocks, Stakehill & Thornham Fold, as well as in Rhodes, Bowlee & Simister in Middleton, Healds Green & Chadderton Fold, Royton, Heywood and Bury.

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